What is Intuitive Beauty?

This is a collection of niche services that targets women in the prime of their lives who feel like they are stuck in a beauty rut; the equivalent of a midlife crisis, losing your mojo or just feeling old, tired and un-pretty.

Whatever you want to call it; we have all been there, or will be at some point in our lives.  Usually following a significant change in life.  We wake up one day, look in the mirror and suddenly what always has worked stops working, or has become stagnant; and our personal style is no longer a reflection of who we really are now.  

At it’s worst, we feel totally unattractive; our self-confidence suffers, and we lose that vital connection between our inner and outer selves.  We find ourselves so busy looking after the needs of others, we leave no time to focus on caring for ourselves; and feel guilty for even doing so, because it seems frivolous or vain.

My services and coaching  are designed to help you find a way out of this self-destructive rut, and prove that you can look and FEEL beautiful at any age or stage of life.  Your makeup, hair and personal style are a reflection of YOU!  And you deserve to look and feel better today!

This process is about self-love and acceptance, not being vain or becoming someone you are not.  It is the ultimate act of self love and respect to care for one’s own mind, spirit and BODY...this includes your hair, skin and makeup! 
My goal is to help YOU trust your intuition, find your inner spark, and put your best face forward; fostering self confidence and a feeling of empowerment and self-love.  Because....

 “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” ~ RuPaul



Intuitive Beauty 101

This is the perfect service for those just venturing into the world of makeup & hair, or those in need of a serious update.  Armed with a vast array of products, and using your own, Shauna will teach you how to create a personalized look and beauty ritual based on your needs, lifestyle and personalized astrology. 

  • Includes Personalized Intuitive Consultation

  • Personalized Astrology information

  • Personalized recommendations

  • One-on-One Beauty Lesson (1 hr)

  • Personalized Face Chart and Instructions



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Intuitive Transformation Program

This is a 4-week program for those in need of more guidance than a one-on-one lesson, or those wanting to dive deeper into their own inner beauty transformation.  Shauna will guide you, using your own personalized astrology and information to create a personal self-care practice, and two complete looks.  Discover your astro-beauty archetypes, and finally feel confident creating and expressing your authentic beauty.

  • Includes Personalized Intuitive Consultation

  • Personalized Astrology Chart with personal reading (30-45min)

  • Personalized product and care recommendations

  • 2 x One-on-One Beauty Lesson (1 hr)

  • Personalized Face Charts and Instructions




Creating a Character

This is a one-on-one service specifically targeted to performers, models, actors, dancers, drag artists, stage moms, or anyone who needs to know how to create a character or persona for their profession or passion. 


Following a thorough consultation, we will create a vision board, color pallet and product recommendations to help you create a look and build a kit for your specific needs.  Next, a personalized lesson, where you will learn expert techniques to realize your character; complete with face charts, photos and written instructions that will leave you feeling confident to do your own H&M for your next assignment.


  • Includes Personalized Consultation

  • Personalized Vision Board

  • Personalized recommendations

  • One-on-One Beauty Lesson

  • Personalized Face Chart and Instructions